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Book Review on The Art of Dancing in the Rain

This book is told through the eyes of a dog named Enzo. Enzo wants to be human like his owner, Denny. Denny is a race car driver. Enzo pays very close attention to everything he does. Enzo hopes one day when he dies he will be reborn as a human and live a human life. Enzo is also obsessed with opposable thumbs. This book is all about the life of Denny and Enzo.


The story takes place in Seattle. One day Denny accidentally left the TV on and Enzo started watching it. Ever since then Denny leaves the TV on. This is where Enzo's education begins. Enzo believes he has a human soul and will someday be reborn as a human because he saw a documentary on Mongolia.


I recommend this book to anyone who loves a sappy puppy story. This book a definitely a page turner. It leaves you wanting to read more. There's always something new that's happening. I recommend people who like heartwarming, page turning books to read this book.